Publications and Preprints

  1. Fibration formula for the characteristic class of a constructible sheaf(with Yigeng Zhao),to appear soon.
  2. Motivic nearby cycle in positive characteristic(with Fangzhou Jin),ArXiv
  3. Kunneth formulas for motives and additivity of traces (with Fangzhou Jin). Advances in Mathematics 376 (2021) 107446,83 pages.
  4. Characteristic class and the epsilon factor of an etale sheaf (with Naoya Umezaki and Yigeng Zhao), Trans.Amer.Math.Soc. 373 (2020):6887-6927.
  5. Conjectures on the twist formula of l-adic sheaves (with Yigeng Zhao), Acta Mathematica Sinica, 2021, Vol.37, No.1, pp.73-94. The first part of this paper is here: Online First
  6. Motivic singular support (with Denis-Charles Cisinski), preprint.
  7. Relative singular support and the semi-continuity of characteristic cycles for etale sheaves (with Haoyu Hu), Selecta Mathematica, Volume 24,Issue 3,(2018):2235-2273. PDF
  8. Semi-continuity for total dimension divisors of etale sheaves (with Haoyu Hu), International Journal of Mathematics, Volume 28, Issue 01, 2017. PDF
  9. Logarithmic version of the Milnor formula, Asian Journal of Mathematics, Volume 21, No. 3 (2017). PDF
  10. Derivatives of Siegel modular forms and modular connections, Manuscripta Mathematica, January 2015, Volume 146, Issue 1, pp 65–84(with Linsheng Yin). PDF
  11. On the GL(r)×GL(r+s) ×GL(s) convolution, Journal of Number Theory 134, 2014:130-141(with Li Sun). PDF

Conference Publications

  1. Logarithmic version of the Milnor formula (research announcement), to be published in RIMS Kokyuroku Besstasu, Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics 2014. PDF

Lecture Notes

  1. A blow up formula for Gysin pull-back. PDF (Appendix to the paper: Characteristic class and the epsilon factor of an etale sheaf)
  2. Talks on the epsilon factors of l-adic etale sheaves. Jussieu SFB
  3. Research statement: Geometric Ramification Theory. PDF