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Branching Structures
The fifth Bath-Beijing-Paris meeting
Peking Univeristy, 14-18 May 2018

The Bath-Beijing-Paris branching structures meeting in Beijing follows four successful workshops in Bath and Paris. It will be another opportunity to discuss a broad family of stochastic models which exhibit branching phenomena, including Galton-Watson trees, branching random walks and branching diffusions, the Gaussian free field, loop ensembles, fragmentation and coalescent processes, continuous state branching processes and superprocesses, search trees, and many more. Part of the meeting will be set aside for discussing open problems and beginning new collaborations.

Organization Committe
Elie Aidekon (UPMC Univ Paris 6)
Julien Berestycki (University of Oxford)
Dayue Chen (Peking University)
Andreas Kyprianou (University of Bath)
Zenghu Li (Beijing Normal Univeristy)
Matthew Roberts (University of Bath)
Yanxia Ren (Peking University)