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1. Maps of Peking University for GT 2007

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In this map, we mark the following places:
(a) ShaoYuan guest house,

(b) ZiYuan hotel,

(c) Morning meeting site,

(d) Afternoon meeting site,

(e) Lunch Place,
(f) Dinner Place,
(g) South gate.

2. Food Service

The breakfast is provided in the dinning room of the guest house you stay. The lunch is scheduled at 燕南美食 (Yan Nan Mei Shi) at 12:15.

The dinner is scheduled at 勺园二号楼 (Shao Yuan No.2 Building) at 18:30. On Wednesday, because of the tour, the lunch starts at 11:00 and the dinner starts at 19:00.

If you are a vegetarian or have other food requirement, please discuss with our students during the registration.

3. Internet Access

There will be no internet connection in the rooms of guest house. We will provide desktops with web connection on the afternoon meeting site from Monday to Friday between 12:30 and 18:15. We are also trying to provide wireless internet connection in the lecture rooms of this building.

4. Foreign Currency Exchange

At any location of major banks in Beijing, you can change major foreign currency to RMB. We suggest you to make changes from the banks at the airport as the rates are universally the same in all locations while there is no line in the airport. At the bank in the airport, you can also change RMB back to foreign currency when you leave.

5. Telephone Cards

The cheapest way to make international phone calls is by IP card. The rate to US and other major countries are RMB 3-8 Yuan per minute.