About me

I am a Tenure Track assistant professor at School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University. Prior to that I was a Research Scientist (postdoc) at EPFL, in the group of Prof. Joachim Krieger.

Former student at École Normale Supérieure de Paris and Peking University, I obtained my Ph.D. on controllability and stabilization of fluids at Sorbonne Université under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Michel Coron, while in the year 2017 I was invited researcher at ETH Zürich.  

You can contact me by shengquan.xiang[AT]


Frequency Lyapunov for quantitative stabilization
In [8, 9] I introduced the Frequency Lyapunov method, a constructive method that combines spectral inequalities and Lyapunov functionals, to get quantitative rapid stabilization, null-controllability with optimal costs, and finite time stabilization.
Quantitative controllability and stabilization of dispersive equations
Removing the compactness arguments for dispersive equations by quantitative approaches allows to construct more robust and applicable controls. In [2, 3, 6] we have studied constructive controllabilities for KdV equations describing waves in a canal. We quantitatively stabilise nonlinear waves equations with damping in [7, 15].
Fredholm backstepping transformation
In a series of works [10, 11, 14] we have investigated the Fredholm backstepping for a large class of operators, the compactness/duality method introduced in [14] overcomes the threshold imposed by the classical approach.
Stabilization of systems emphasizing nonlinear effects
In the works [1] and [4] we have benefited from nonlinear structures to stabilize the KdV equations and the viscous Burgers equation for which the linearized systems are not stabilizable.
Control of the semiclassical Schrödinger equations
In [12] we have combined the WKB method, the semiclassical limit and the geometrical nonlinear control techniques to get an approximate controllability of the quantum density and quantum momentum.
Smoothing traffic flows with autonomous vehicles
Traffic jams are generated from the instability of traffic equilibrium states [13], and increase strongly the fuel consumption and the emissions. We construct feedback laws on autonomous vehicles to stabilize these stop-and-go waves.

Publications and preprints

19. Global controllability and stabilization of the wave maps equation from a circle to a sphere (with J.-M. Coron)
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18. Traffic Control via Connected and Automated Vehicles: An Open-Road Field Experiment with 100 CAVs (with A. Hayat, A. Bayen, B. Piccoli et. al. )
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14. Fredholm backstepping for critical operators and application to rapid stabilization for the linearized water waves (with L. Gagnon, A. Hayat and C. Zhang)
    to appear in Annales de l’Institut Fourier, 79p.

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Spring 2023: I will open a course on PDEs' Control Theory