Department of Probability & Statistics, Center for Statistical Science, Peking University

Fang Yao, Chair Professor


Department of Probability & Statistics

School of Mathematical Sciences

Center for Statistical Science

Peking University


Room 255, Science Building #5


+86 (10) 62760376



Research Interests

  • Complex-structured data analysis, inclduing functional, high-dimensional, geometric types etc.
  • Machine learning methods and ordinary/partial differential equation modeling
  • Applications involving functional, high-dimensional and differential dynamics in clinical studies, human genetics, neuroimaging, finance and economics, engineering, etc.

Latest News

  • The PhD student, Linxuan Shao, recently has the article accepted by the Annals of Statistics:

Shao, L., Lin Z., and Yao, F*. (2022)  Intrinsic Riemannian functional data analysis for sparse longitudinal observations. Annals of Statistics, accepted.

  • The PhD student, Ying Yang, has published online the article:

Ying, Y., and Yao, F*. (2022)  Online estimation for functional data. Journal of the American Statistical Association,

  • The former PhD student, Decai Liang who is an Assistant Professor in School of Statistics and Data Science at Nankai University, has published online the article:

Liang, D., Huang, H., Guan, Y., and Yao, F*. (2022)  Test of weak separability for spatially stationary functional field.  Journal of the American Statistical Association,

  • The former PhD student, Zhenhua Lin who is a Presidential Assistant Professor in Department of Statistics and Data Science at National Singapore University, has published the article:

Lin, Z., and Yao, F.* (2021). Functional regression on manifold with contamination. Biometrika, 108(2), 167-181.

Selected Publications               


PACE is a versatile collection of various models and methods for functional data analysis (FDA) and Empirical Dynamics, and is available in R (fdapace on CRAN) and Matlab (PACE in Matlab).

Graduate Supervision

I welcome graduate students who are enthusiastic about research in Statistics and Data Science to drop by and chat about your thoughts, while solid theoretical and computational backgrounds are necessary for conducting high-quality research.

Honors & Awards

  • Fellow, American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

  • CRM-SSC Prize in StatisticsAwarded in 2014 by the Centre de recherches mathématiques (Montréal) and the Statistical Society of Canada to recognize a statistical scientist's professional accomplishments in research during the first 15 years after earning a doctorate.

  • Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS) Award: Substantial and timely additional resources provided by NSERC for 2012-2014 to accelerate progress and maximize the impact of superior research programs.

Editorial  Boards

  • Editor for Canadian Journal of Statistics, 2019-present.
  • Associate Editor for Statistica Sinica, 2017-present.
  • Associate Editor for Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2014-present. 
  • Associate Editor for Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2012-present.
  • Completed Associate Editor terms: Annals of Statistics (2008--2009, 2013--2015), Bernoulli Journal (2013--2015), Electronic Journal of Statistics (2010--2012), Journal of Multivariate Analysis (2016-2018), Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (2012--2014), Statistica Sinica (2011--2014).