PKU School of Mathematical Sciences

Colloquium Schedule for Academic Year 2016/2017

Place Room 1114 (Building of Math School, 理科一号楼)

Time:    Usually at 15:00 --16:00 on Friday.


Tea time: Friday 16:00--16:30, Room 1384 (Building of Math School, 理科一号楼).


Contact:  Xiaobo Liu (刘小博) (Email:

Spring Semester 2017:



2017/2/24: (First week of class in spring semester)




     Speaker: Professor Claus Hertling (Universität Mannheim Germany) 

     Title: From isolated hypersurface singularities to F-manifolds, Frobenius manifolds and an enrichment of harmonic bundles.



     Speaker: Professor Xiaotao Sun (Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

     Title: Theta functions and generalized theta functions.



     Speaker: Professor Zhiyu Tian  (Université Grenoble Alpes)

    Title: Integral Hodge conjecture



     Speaker: Professor Daqing Wan (University of California at Irvine).

     Title: p-adic stability of zeta functions in a tower.



     Speaker: 张晓教授(中科院数学所)

     Title: Bondi-Sachs Spacetimes and Gravitational Radiation



     Speaker: 张智民教授 (北京计算科学研究中心)

     Title: We Still Can’t Get Enough of Layers…… but Why?


2017/4/21 (校运动会)




     Speaker: Professor Christian Bonatti (Bourgogne University, France)

     TitleWeak hyperbolic structures and robust properties of diffeomorphisms and flows.



     SpeakerProfessor Jianzhong Wang  (Sam Houston State University)

     TitleOn  the Extension of Symmetric Laurent Polynomial Matrix and Its Application


2017/5/12, 4:30—5:30

     SpeakerProfessor Robert Devaney  (Boston University)

     TitleCantor and Sierpinski, Julia and Fatou:  Crazy Topology in Complex Dynamics



     Speaker: Professor Wilderich Tuschmann (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology, Germany)

     Title: Sphere Theorems, Space forms, and Positive Scalar Curvature.



     Speaker: Professor Karl-Theodor Sturm (University of Bonn Germany)

     TitleMetric measure spaces and synthetic Ricci bounds from optimal transport to Ricci flow.



     Speaker: 胡建强教授 (复旦大学)

     Title: Pricing of Stock Index Futures under Trading Restrictions


2017/6/16(review/exam week)

     Speaker: Professor Mei-Chi Shaw (University of Notre Dame)

     Title: L^2-Dolbeault Cohomology Groups on Annuli



2017/6/23:  (last week of spring semester)

     Speaker: Professor Bei Hu (University of Notre Dame)

     Title: A Free Boundary Problem for modeling Plaques in the Artery



Remark: 清明节(44),劳动节(51日),端午节(530日) 假期等待通知,另行安排。






Fall Semester 2016/2017:


2016/9/16:  (First week of class in fall semester, 915日中秋节放假)



       Speaker: Professor Ruochuan Liu (Peking University).  

       Title: Perfectoid空间简介.


2016/10/7:  (国庆节假期)



       Speaker: Professor Shui-Nee Chow (Georgia Tech)

       Title: Optimal transport and entropy dissipation on finite graphs.




       Speaker: Professor Xiao-Hua Andrew Zhou (Peking University and University of Washington).  

       Title: Statistical Methods for Analysis of Potentially Censored Skewed Data with an Application to Health Care Costs.



       Speaker: Professor Pierre Colmez (IMJ-PRG, Université Paris Diferot)

       Title: The p-adic Langlands program



       Speaker: Professor Yi Liu (Peking University)

       Title: Virtual properties of 3-manifolds



       Speaker:  Professor Andreas Kyprianou (University of Bass, UK).

       Title: Some strange results in fragmentation-coalescence



       Speaker: Professor Quo-Shin Chi (Washington University, St. Louis)

       Title: Gas dynamics, Dupin and tautness, and algebraicity 



           Speaker: 苏中根教授 (浙江大学)

        TitleProbabilistic Analysis for Length of the Longest Increasing Subsequences



        Speaker: Professor Misha Verbitsky (Higher School of Economics and Moscow Independent University) 

        Title: Teichmuller space of symplectic structures



        Speaker: Professor Lu Wang (University of Wisconsin)

        Title: Geometry of Noncompact Self-shrinkers of Mean Curvature Flow


2017/1/6:  (review/exam week)


2017/1/13: (Last week of fall semester)

        Speaker: Professor Xiaochun Rong (Rutgers University and Capital Normal University)

         Title: Quantitative maximal local rewinding volume rigidity with Ricci curvature bound below