Tiejun Li (李铁军)

Ph.D. 2001, Peking University
Professor of Mathematics CV

Office: Room 385 in the Zhihua Building (New Math Building), Peking University.
Tel: 86-10-62757592
Fax: 86-10-62751801
Email: tieli{at} math {dot} pku {dot} edu {dot} cn

Mailing Address:

School of Mathematical Sciences,
Peking University,
No. 5 Yiheyuan Road,
Haidian District, Beijing, 100871
P.R. China

北京大学数学科学学院, 100871

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Research Interests

My basic interest is the stochastic modeling and simulations in Science and Engineering. Currently I am mainly interested in developing mathematical theory and computational methods for biological problems from both dynamical and statistical point of view. This includes the deeper understanding and development of single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis, machine learning methods for biological data, rare events for biological systems, and network inference methods in systems biology, etc. I am also interested in the machine learning methods for molelular simulations, and compressive sensing methods for channel estimation problem in communications. A brief list may be:

Recent Research Activities

Editorial Services

Associate editor of Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications

Associate editor of Mathematica Numerica Sinica (计算数学)

Associate editor of Numerical Mathematics: A Journal of Chinese Universities (高等学校计算数学学报)

Associate editor of Journal on Numerical Methods and Computer Applications (数值计算与计算机应用)

Past Editorial Board in: Communications in Mathematical Sciences


National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2018

National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars, 2012

Selected in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education of China, 2010

Academic Visits


Numerical Analysis (in chinese): 《数值分析》(北京大学出版社), with Pingwen Zhang. An errata is here.

Applied Stochastic Analysis, in GSM series, vol. 199 by American Mathematical Society, with Weinan E and Eric Vanden-Eijnden. An errata is here.

Recent Interests and Publications

Algorithmic and Theoretical Studies for scRNA-seq Data Analysis: scRNA-seq data analysis provides a great platform for applied mathematicians, in which the stochastic dynamics, statistical data analysis and machine learning can be integrated to boost the understanding of cell developments. In this field, we collaborate with the biologists like Prof. Fuchou Tang (PKU), and the applied mathematicians like Prof. Luonan Chen (CAS), Qing Nie (UC Irvine), and Xiaojie Qiu (MIT) et al.

Stochastic Dynamics and Data Analysis in Life Sciences: We are also trying to develop theory and algorithms for the stochastic problems in life sciences, especially the chemical reaction kinetics and genetic interactions in the cellular level. It is surprising that the stochastics can play so important role in life sciences. In this field, we collaborate with the physicists like Prof. Qi Ouyang, Fangting Li (PKU), and the applied mathematicians like Prof. Luonan Chen (CAS) et al.

Other Selected Publications

Below are some unsorted selected publications from my research. It is a bit diverse. You can feel my taste, and find my growth path from these papers.

Postdocs: Wanted!!!

We have funding for postdoc positions. If you have interests to perform research in stochastic modeling and computations, e.g. mathematical life sciences, machine learning, numerical methods for SDEs, applications in rare events, etc. Please send your CV and application letter to me directly.


  • NSFC, grant 10401004, 2005.1-2007.12
  • NSFC, grant 20490222, 2005.1-2008.12
  • MST, grant 2005CB321704, 2005.11-2010.11
  • NSFC, grant 10871010, 2009.1-2011.12
  • NSFC, grant 11171009, 2012.1-2015.12
  • Major Program of NNSFC, grant 91130005, 2012.1-2015.12
  • NSFC, grant 11222114, 2013.1-2015.12
  • NSFC, grant 11421101, Creative group
  • Major Program of NNSFC, grant 91530322, 2016.1-2018.12
  • NSFC, grant 11825102, 2019.01-2023.12
  • National Key R&D Program of China, grant 2021YFA1003301, 2022.05-2026.04
  • NSFC, grant 12288101, 2023.01-2027.12

Current Members

  • Yue Zhao, PhD student
  • Yi Zeng, PhD student
  • Mingguang Han, PhD student
  • Qiangwei Peng, PhD student
  • Zichen Liu, PhD student
  • Zhaoqi Liu, PhD student
  • Zhenyi Zhang, PhD student
  • Xu Zhu, PhD student
  • Yizhuo Wang, Master student

Former Students

  • Xiang Zhou, Master (co-supervise with Professor Pingwen Zhang), currently Associate Professor in City University of Hongkong
  • Yan Ding, Ph.D (co-supervise with Professor Pingwen Zhang), currently in China Everbright Bank
  • Yibiao Wu, Master (co-supervise with Professor Pingwen Zhang), currently in Ping An Insurance Company of China
  • Jing Huang, Master 2009 (co-supervise with Professor Pingwen Zhang), currently in Baidu
  • Dajiang Tao, Master 2009, currently in IBM
  • Yucheng Hu, Ph.D 2010, currently Associate Professor in Capital Normal University
  • Jinlong Wu, Ph.D 2010 (co-supervise with Professor Weinan E), currently in Shiji Jiayuan
  • Rensheng Zhu, Master 2010
  • Jian Liu, PhD 2011 (co-supervise with Professor Weinan E), currently in PICC
  • Wei Zhang, PhD 2012 (co-supervise with Professor Pingwen Zhang), currently PostDoc in Freie University of Berlin
  • Bin Min, Ph.D 2013, currently PI in National Lab at Lingang, Shanghai
  • Ping Qin, Master 2013, currently in Douban
  • Sisi Wang, Master 2015, currently in Renda Fuzhong
  • Xiaoguang Li, Ph.D 2016, currently Assistant Professor in Hunan Normal University
  • Ye Chen, Ph.D 2016, currently in Huatai Securities
  • Zhiming Wang, Ph.D 2016, currently in JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Feng Lin, Ph.D 2016, currently in Huawei
  • Fan Yao, Master 2016, currently in Talking Data
  • Chongning Liao, Master 2016
  • Jifan Shi, PhD 2018, currently Assistant Professor in Fudan University
  • Peijie Zhou, PhD 2019, currently PostDoc in UC Irvine
  • Haijiao Feng, Master 2019, currently in Tsinghua Fuzhong
  • Ziyu Tian, Master 2020, currently in Meituan
  • Jingjing Liu, PostDoc 2021, Currently in Huadian University
  • Yichong Wu, PhD 2021, Currently in Huawei
  • Tongkai Li, PhD 2021, Currently in Huawei
  • Siqi Zheng, Master 2021, Currently in Tencent
  • Yang Han, Master 2022, Currently China Telecomm Institute at Beijing
  • Tiannan Xiao, PhD 2023, currently in Huawei

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