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Life is short. I learn statistics.


I am currently (2011.1-now) an assistant professor at School of Mathametical Sciences, Peking University, P.R. China.

Prior to this (2009.1-2011.1) I was a postdoc at Statistics Department, UC Berkeley.

I graduated from Peking University and got my Ph.D degree in Jan, 2009.


Stonger. Keep on learning to improve myself continuously.

Stonger. Educate students to make them stronger.

Stonger. Collaberate with people to make the community stronger.


My vision on Statistics.

Statistics is intelligence.

Statistics is the heart of data science.

Statistics finds knowledge.

Statistics finds Causality.

Statistics finds Peace.

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Publication is a way to communicate with readers.

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Teaching broadcasts knowledge.

2016 Fall. Statistical Machine Learning.

Overview of Statistical Learning
Linear Models
Kernel methods
Dimension Reduction
Trees and Forest
Gaussian Process and Functional Data Analysis
Deep Learning

2016 Spring. Statistics and Probability B.

2015 Fall. Computational Statistics.

2014 Spring. Statistical Software.

2013 Spring. Statistical Learning.

2012 Fall. Computational Statistics.

2012 Spring. Statistics and Probability B.

2011 Fall. Computational Statistics.

2011 Spring. Selected Topics in Advanced Statistics.

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