International Workshop On Global Dynamics



The conference will focus on the global qualitative study (topological and ergodic) of differentiable dynamical systems, especially diffeomorphisms and vector fields, that are not uniformly hyperbolic. Among the main topics to be covered are:

    - robust, locally generic, and abundant phenomena,
    - weak forms of hyperbolicity: dominated splitting, partial hyperbolicity, non-uniform hyperbolicity, singular hyperbolicity,
    - homoclinic bifurcations,
    - existence, finitude and continuity of SRB measures,
    - Lyapunov exponents,
    - decay of correlations, central limit theorems,
    - rigidity of partially hyperbolic group actions.

The conference will focus on a few mini-courses and plenary lectures, so that a large part of the time will be devoted to informal discussions. A number of lecture rooms will be available to the participants for more specialized sessions.

This workshop is the forth in a series of workshops with a similar format and scientific purpose:

International Conference on Partial Hyperbolicity  (Northwestern University, May 29-June 2, 2001)

International Workshop on Robustness and Partial Hyperbolicity (Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Novermber 2-8, 2003)

International Workshop On Global Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity (Northwestern University, May 17-22, 2006)


Mathematical Center of Ministry of Education; 

Natural Science Foundation of China

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research;

School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University

PARTICIPATION is by invitation in general. However, researchers (including graduate students)  in this field who are interested in attending the conference may also contact the organizers.

WEBSITE will be updated timely.


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