MU Kedian
Associate Professor
Phone :86-10-62760092
Office :1422E


Ph.D, Peking University, 2003

M.S., Beijing Institute of Technology, 2000

B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology, 1997

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Requirements Engineering; Data Sciences.  (MathSciNet)

Selected Publications

  • Kedian Mu,Responsibility for Inconsistency,International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 61:43-60, 2015.
  • Kedian Mu, Jun Hong, Weiru Liu, Zhi Jin, From Inconsistency Handling to Non-canonical Requirements Management: A Logical Perspective,International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 54(1):109-131, 2013.
  • Kedian Mu, Weiru Liu, Zhi Jin, David Bell, A Syntax-based Approach to Measuring the Degree of Inconsistency for Belief Bases,International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 52(7):978-999, 2011.
  • Mu, Kedian; Liu, Weiru; Jin, Zhi Measuring the blame of each formula for inconsistent prioritized knowledge bases. J. Logic Comput. 22 (2012), no. 3, 481–516.
  • Mu, Kedian; Wang, Kewen; Wen, Lian Approaches to measuring inconsistency for stratified knowledge bases. Internat. J. Approx. Reason. 55 (2014), no. 2, 529–556.