Information for Prospective Students


Thank you very much for your interest in my research. I am looking for graduate and undergraduate students to work with me closely as research partners. I will contribute as much as I could to help you develop your career. The desired characteristics of my students are:

Highly motivated
You enjoy your work and it is part of your career. Most importantly, you actively look for new ideas in your research and are excited to carry them through. That means you don't do your research just for being paid or one piece of diploma paper.
That means you are often not satisfied with the ``conclusions'' you are told. You like to understand the fundamentals. You like to ask a lot of ``why'' and be asked a lot of ``why''.
That means you strive for excellence and not just ``good enough''. You put forth the best of you in every way you work, and not just enough to get over with ``the committee''.
Good academic record of calculus, linear algebra, geometry, probability, statistics and signal/digital image processing is a must. Knowledge of computational mathematics, functional analysis, partial differential equation, pattern recognition and other related advanced topics is helpful.
Good computer programming skill
Good skill in one of MATLAB, C, C++ is a must. Knowledge of computer network and parallel computation is helpful.

Matched Interests

If you think you have "what it takes" to be my student, please look at our publications and conference presentations to find if your research interests matches mine. In particular, reading the "future work" components of the discussion section of any recent paper is a reasonable way to see what we will be doing next and if your interests match mine.


If you are my graduate student, your research work will be supported by my grants up to the policies of Peking University Administration.

If you are an undergraduate student, I have NO research assistantship available for undergraduate students under the current policies of Peking University Administration. However, our university has always found ways to support outstanding student candidates.


  1. I do not read resumes sent to me in Microsoft formats. Send it in PDF format as an attachment. I delete emails with CV's sent in Word format or other formats because I know such students have not read this page so they are not really serious in finding an advisor whose interests match theirs!
  2. I consider students with proved research experience favorably. You are encouraged to contact me and send me your past research work (papers and reports, if any, in PDF format).
  3. I apologize for not replying promptly to every inquiry because of the very large amount of emails I receive daily. Please understand that after you are in a graduate program, you will be glad if your advisor spends his or her time working with you instead of responding to numerous emails from prospective students.


This description is based on the following ones:

Last updated, 2015-12-24.