MOE-Microsoft Key Laboratory of Statistics and Information Technology of Peking University

“In April 2005, Microsoft Research Asia collaborated with Peking University to set up a joint laboratory for solving problems in information technology by using statistics, mathematics, and computing technologies. In addition to fostering a new generation of talent with skills and knowledge in statistics and information technology, the laboratory aims to integrate advanced statistical methods with other disciplines. The lab also collaborates with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the United States to do remote sensing and detection of the Beijing atmosphere. In addition to conducting research, the lab also organizes an annual summer school to cultivate talent in statistics and information technologies. More than 100 faculty members and students have benefited from the summer school”. (Copied from Microsoft Research)

We have been successful in getting stable support from Microsoft Research and conducting our research in machine learning, biomedical imaging, image processing, computer vision, remote sensing and bioinformatics, fostering a new generation of talent with skills and knowledge in statistics, mathematics, information theory and computing technologies. One of the successful stories is the Apple App, China Air Quality Index, developed by a team led by Bin Zhang. Mr. Zhang was a former master student of mine and finished his thesis on non-contact measurement for optical tomography when he was with the lab. This App is also available for Android systems and has been downloaded 8 million times by December 2015. As many many others, I use it frequently to check air quality in real time to take protections.

The lab has been elevated by the China Ministry of Education (MOE) to the status of Key Labs in 2008.

I am proud to be one of the founding members of the joint lab and to serve as the Managing Director for coordinating research and training activities since 2005. Please visit the lab homepage for more information.