Current Students (4 Ph.D. candidates):

Mr. Yu PAN, (Ph.D. candidate, Degree expected 2018),

Mr. Linjie ZHAO, (Ph.D. candidate, Degree expected 2020)

Miss Yingxin MU, (Ph.D. candidate, Degree expected 2020)

Mr. Li QIAN  (Ph.D. candidate, Degree expected 2021)



Former Students

Mr. Xiaofeng XUE (Ph.D. 2014, Beijing Jiaotong University)

Mr. Peng CHEN (Ph.D. 2013, Central University of Finance and Economy)

Mr. Zhichao SHAN (Ph.D. 2012, The High School affiliated with Peking University)

Mr. Da ZHOU  (Ph.D. 2011, Post-doc at Tsinghua University)

Mr. Qiang YAO  (Ph.D.  2009, East China Normal University)

Mr. Qi LIU  (Ph.D. 2008, Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd)

Ms. Shumei JIA (Ph.D. 2002, MS 1999,  the People's Bank of China) 


Mr.Yongjia XIE, (MS, 2017 continue for Ph.D. study at Purdue University)

Mr. Daoxu Lu, (MS, 2017,  Private banking company)

Mr. Wenchang Xu  (MS, 2017  Shiyi School of Beijing)

Mr. Liqiang Gong  (MS, 2015,  Zhongxin Jiantou Securities)

Mr. Fei Di (MS, 2015 Xueersi Training School of Nanjing)

Mr. Xiaoxing WANG (MS, 2014 a college in Shanxi)

Mr. Lixin CHEN (MS  2009, co-supervised by Fuxi Zhang, Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd)

Mr. Weiyang NING (MS  2008, studying at the Univ. of Washington)

Ms. Cong QU (MS  2008, China Int’l Capital Corporation Limited)

Ms. Huixin ZHOU (MS  2008, Bank of China)

Mr. Lefeng LIN  (MS  2008, China Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd)

Mr. Huanbo LIN (MS  2007, the Bank of Communication)

Mr. Quanchang LI (MS  2007, Capgemini Consulting)

Mr. Wenhua GAO (MS  2006, Ph.D. UCLA)

Mr. He LI   (MS 2005)

Mr. Bei WEI  (MS  2005, Ph.D. Hong Kong University)

Mr. Shimo WANG (MS 2004, Heilongjiang Univ.)

Mr. Lie WANG (MS 2003, Ph.D. U. Penn, now at MIT)

Miss Juxin LIU (MS 2003, Ph.D. Univ. of British Columbia, now at Univ. od Saskatchewan,Canada)

Mr. Nan CHEN (MS 2001, Ph.D. Columbia Univ., now at CUHK)

Mr. Weizhong XUE (M.S. 2000)

Ms. Liuxia WANG (MS 2000, studying at Michigan State Univ.)

Mr. Lijiu ZHAO (MS 1998)

Miss Jun XIE (MS 1997, Ph.D. UCLA, now at Purdue Univ.)