The Hotel:  Invited participants will stay in FX hotel adjacent to the campus of Peking University.

Address: No. 68 West Fourth Ring Road, Beijing, Haidian District, Tel: 86-10-58986688.


From the Airport to the Hotel.  The most convenient way to get the hotel from the airport is to take a taxi. Here is a possible route (35 kilometers).  It costs about RMB 120 yuans.  You are also responsible to pay the toll of 10 yuans. So you need some pocket money.  A possible way to get cash is to find an ATM in the lobby of the airport. You may print this slip and show it to the taxi driver.


From the Hotel to the conference venue.  A local people will be in the lobby of the Hotel by 8:30 am Monday, September 18 to escort participants from the hotel to the conference venue, which is about 1.7 kilometers.  You will be on your own all other trips and you will need to show your name card of the symposium as a temporary permit to the campus.


Sightseeing. An excursion to the Great Wall is scheduled on Wednesday, Sept. 20. The section we will visit is called Mutianyu. A pair of good walking shoes is preferred for hiking. Wait in the lobby of the hotel to take a tour bus at 8:30 am. Bottled water will be provided.  You are expected to bring your own food and to pay the entrance fee. On the way back we will visit the Ming Tombs.

The Summer Palace is not too far from the hotel. You are strongly encouraged to visit the world heritage on your own. It is just 3100 meters away from your hotel. You may take bus No. 332 for four stops.

Another attraction one should not miss is the Forbidden City. An upper limit of 80,000 tickets per day was set and many tickets are sold via internet. 

The Great Wall was first constructed by several kingdoms to protect their own territories. When the Qin emperor eliminated all other kingdoms in 221 BC, the walls of the former kingdoms were reused and connected to form the northern boundary of the Qin Empire. Since invasions from the north were the major threat to China, the maintenance and rebuilding of the wall never stopped until the end of the Ming Dynasty. A major reconstruction occurred in the Ming dynasty in early 15th century. What we can see today is the wall built 600 years ago. It was recently declared that the length of Ming Great Wall is 8851.8 km. Early locations of the Great Wall are very hard to trace now.



Food and Meal. (1) Breakfast will be served in the Hotel. (2) On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, lunches and dinners will be served on campus. (3) You are on your own for Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. There is a plenty of cafeterias and restaurants near the hotel.

(4) For the lunch on Wednesday, please bring your own food to the Great Wall.  You may buy food in the supermarket named “Wumart” in the basement of Building 45 on your way from the hotel to the conference venue.

(5) You may try some Chinese cuisines on Wednesday as there will be no dinner offered by the Conference.  I would suggest the following three restaurants:

Quan Ju De for Peking Duck near Tsinghua Science Park. 200yuans per person, strongly recommended, Phone: 82150018 or 82151015.

Fang Shan for royal style in Beihai Park, minimum 200 yuans per person, Take Metro 4 and change for Metro 6, you may waive the entrance fee to Beihai Park by declaring your intention for dinner. 

Moscow Restaurant, the best Russian style restaurant, 300 yuans per person, Take metro 4 and get off at station of Beijing Zoo.


You may find many math books in the bookstore next to your hotel. Two publishers plan to have book exhibition during our conference.


Weather in Beijing
Please check the weather in Beijing, and bring suitable cloth.

GMAIL account
Gmail account is NOT accessible in China. If you get used to gmail account, please prepare for an alternative email account.
Google, Tweeter, Facebook, Youtube etc are not available



Watch out for cars!  Do not expect cars to stop for you even you are on a zebra crossing!
Tap water can be used to brush teeth, but it is not supposed to be potable!
Public toilets usually do not provide free toilet paper! Carry your own!