February 25-28, 2003, Beijing, P.R. China

         The First Announcement and Call for Abstract

# The Special Funds for Major State Basic Research Projects
     !^Large Scale ScientificComputation Research ̄
# School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University


Zhong-Ci Shi  (Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, CAS)
Pingwen Zhang (School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University)
Dongwoo Sheen (School of Mathematics, Seoul National University)


Jinru Chen Nanjing Normal Univ.,China Youngmok Jeon Ajou Univ., Korea
Zhiming Chen CAS, China Miyoung Kim Inha Univ., Korea
Xiaoliang Cheng Zhejiang Univ. China Ohin Kwon Konkuk Univ.,Korea
Zhiping Li PKU, China Jae Ryong Kweon POSTECH,  Korea
Mingzhu Liu HIT., China Chang-Ock Lee KAIST,  Korea
Linzhang Lu Xia'men Univeristy Hyung-Chun Lee Ajou Univ., Korea
Zhongci-Shi CAS, China Jongwoo Lee Kwangwoon Univ., Korea
Xiaoping Xie Sichuan Univ. China Eun-Jae Park Yonsei Univ., Korea
Ziqing Xie Hunan Normal Univ. China Dongwoo Sheen Seoul National Univ., Korea
Pingwen Zhang PKU, China Byeongchun Shin Chonnam National Univ.,Korea

Korean Participant:  USD100/person
Chinese Participant: RMB800/person
# The registration fee includes the conference materials, proceedings, welcome banquet and meals   during the workshop. Accommodation expense is excluded in the registration fee.
# All local expenses of Korean speakers will be covered by the workshop.

All Participants are expected to provide abstracts of their presentation.
Abstracts should be prepared within one page in Tex format, textwidth 14.5cm and textheight 21cm.
Please submit abstract to following e-mail addresses: gao@math.pku.edu.cn


Registration: Jan.25, 2003
Submission of Abstract: Jan.31, 2003 



Ms. Yuan Tian (tiany@pku.edu.cn)  Tel/Fax: 86-10-62757147
Ms. Wen Liu (liuwen@pku.edu.cn)   Tel/Fax: 86-10-62767146

School of Mathematical Sciences
Peking University
Beijing, 100871
P.R. China