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Professor Bjorn Engquist has been a leading contributor in the areas of multiscale modeling and scientific computing, a productive educator of young (and not so young) applied mathematicians, and a strong supporter of computational and applied mathematics in China.

This meeting will bring together friends and students of his to honor the great scientific career he has had so far. It will also provide a forum for discussing the future directions of the areas in which Bjorn has had such a strong impact.

Organzing Committee

Weinan E   Princeton University U.S.A
Thomas Hou Caltech U.S.A
Pingwen Zhang Peking University P.R.China
Hongkai Zhao Univ. of California, Irvine U.S.A
School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, P.R.China    
Invited Speakers
Ulf Andersson KTH, Sweden Stanley Osher UCLA , USA
Gang Bao MSU£ĴUSA Olof Runborg KTH, Sweden
Wei Cai UNCC, USA Zhongci Shi CAS, China
Tony Chan UCLA , USA Chi-wang Shu Brown , USA
Zhi-Ming Chen CAS, China Bjorn Sjogreen U.S.A
Li-Tien Cheng UCSD , USA Eitan Tadmor UMD , USA
Qiang Du PSU , USA Tao Tang HKBU, HK
Weinan E Princeton, USA Anna-Karin Tornberg NYU, USA
Bjorn Engquist UCLA , USA Richard Tsai Princeton , USA
Tom Hou Caltech , USA   Xiaoping Wang UST, HK
Shi Jin WISC£ĴUSA Zhouping Xin CUHK, HK
David Kan U.S.A Jinchao Xu PSU , USA
Zhilin Li NCSU, USA   Pingwen Zhang PKU, China
Jian-Guo Liu UMD , USA   Hongkai Zhao UCI , USA
      Haomin Zhou Gatech , USA
Venue & Accommodation

Both venue and hotel are situated in the campus of PKU.

Venue: Peking University

Accommodation: Shao Yuan Hotel


Social Activity

We will arrange some social activities for all speakers.

Contact Information
Ms. Yuan Tian
School of Mathematical Sciences
Peking University
Beijing, 100871

Email: tiany@pku.edu.cn

TEL: 86-10-62757147(O)
FAX: 86-10-62767146